Staffordshire Gin

As every distiller knows, the good stuff is in the hearts.  Staffordshire is in the heart of England and our hearts are in Staffordshire.


Our dream was to produce honest gin to reflect the integrity and pride of the local people.  Our search for those elusive flavours took us on a journey through hundreds of botanical blends; often foraging locally during walks with our bull terrier.


Three exceptional blends have now been developed and refined into a respectful suite of flavours.


Staffordshire Gin is carefully crafted in our bespoke still at the birthplace of Lord John Cadman, the famous 19th century engineer who revolutionised the mining industry.


As our still is located in a renovated coal house we decided to name it ‘Cadman’ in honour of the man himself.





The key to creating fine gin is knowing your heads from your tails

and to follow your hearts.

Fine botanicals distilled through copper create this fragrant and elegant gin. Classic character with keynotes of black pepper, lemon and bay leaves. Serve traditionally.

Black Violet is defined by black cardamom and sweet violet. The intricate layers of complimentary botanicals enhance the complexity of this sultry gin.

An exclusive blend of botanicals are infused to create this eloquent gin. Saffron and rose petals provide a delightful finish. Try serving with pink lemonade for added romance.

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